The Custom Website

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Put your Best Foot Forward

Why do you need a website? Because your business needs to put its best foot forward when it comes to marketing, people really do judge a book by its cover. With a well designed website, your business will look and feel professional. You will be opening up a new front for your business to attract more customers. Fun Fact: As of December 2016, there were over 13.4 million broadband subscriptions in Australia (

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No more Same Old

The Custom Website is my signature dish. Why go Custom? Because just like people, no two businesses are the same and you shouldn’t be forced to conform to some design elements that were put in there just to sell you a website template. Besides, who wants to have the same website as someone else?

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Truly your own

During the construction of your website you will get your very own ‘Dev Site’ which is basically a live website where you can go and check the progress of your design. You will also benefit from unlimited design revisions so your website will be just how you like it.

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Fit every screen

With all the different screen sizes out there, what size should you design for? Simple, design for them all, at the same time. This technique is called Responsive Design. Have you ever tried making your browser window really narrow? A Responsive Website will adapt as you resize the window. The same happens when you open it up on a small screen, like your smartphone.

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Edit content when you want

What’s a CMS? Who knows. If you choose to, you will get access to The Editor. This is a cool program that looks exactly like your website, and runs straight from your web browser. It allows you to change things like text, images, links and products. There's no messy software to install, no HTML files and no clunky menus to navigate. The Editor is as easy to use as a Word processor.

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Packed with value

But where's the value in all of this? My websites are great value because there are no hidden costs, and I’ll certainly go the extra mile for you. You will own the final product, and as much as I’d like you to stay, you are free to host the website with anyone you like. This model is strongly against that of many large design studios, but I like to be different.

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